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our mission

Design. Print. Change your world. Actsco Printing exists to empower individuals, organizations, companies and non profits to tell their story better through high quality printing.


Our Philosophy

As a business as missions company, we design, print and distribute literature that will help bring life, love and care to the millions of people living in communities around the world that are less fortunate.

We empower individuals, organizations, companies and non profits by providing high quality printing for the social concern projects that they are focused on.

We believe that by supporting these

numerous trusted companies and organizations, we are able to extend our reach as a helping hand into areas that would otherwise continue to be untouched by Christian concern.

There is no one particular way to help all of these people. However, individuals and humanitarian organizations are working tirelessly to bring a level hope, care, food, shelter, and a message of salvation that lets these people know that they are

not forgotten. Our passion is to bring holistic human care, and ultimately the love of Jesus Christ.

Because of our strong belief in giving back to the community, profits from ActsCo printing are donated monthly to individuals and organizations involved in providing supplies, relief and materials to refugee camps, to deaf ministries, to sex trafficking rescue organizations, and to church planting ministries.

Our Location

ActsCo Printing is located at 12/89-91 Mu 3, San Klang, San Khamphaeng, Chiang Mai, 50130 Thailand.

For our exact location, check out the map below or get directions here.

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Our History

In June of 1999, Bobby Morse, Ted Wheeler, Alvin Cobb & Kendall Cobb, got together and discussed how to economically print the “How To Know God” booklets produced by World Missionary Press. These booklets had been newly translated into six Southeast Asian languages by David Morse’s talented translation team. Starting out on eight Ricoh high-speed duplicators, imported from the USA, the first copies of the booklet rolled off the machines that same year.

When requests for the printing of other literature started coming in, the team realized there were more individuals and organizations with many printing needs. To keep in line with the laws of Thailand, an official company was established to handle the business of printing. It was called Asia Communications & Training Services Co. Ltd., or, for short, ActsCo Printing, named after the book of Acts in the Bible, a story of change and revival that is continuing to be written around the world to this day.

With funds donated from a successful inventor in Knoxville, TN, a three story building was located, renovated, and stocked with an offset printing press, and pre-press & post-press equipment. Our doors were officially opened for business on November 1, 1999. With Alvin Cobb’s business mind, the printing expertise of Walter Nigh (a successful printer for 26 years), and Kendall Cobb’s design experience, ActsCo Printing began its first class printing operation with five employees.

Later, through a Christian foundation based in Boise, Idaho, funds were donated to purchase larger printing equipment—primarily two 2-color Heidelberg offset presses. Through the support of many satisfied customers who have had millions of pieces of literature printed, ActsCo Printing continues in its vision to “Design. Print. Change Your World.”

Meet The Team

We are so grateful to have a group of expert staff. New printed materials are rolling off the press every day, and our team is like a well-oiled machine, supplying you with the quality printing you need. Here’s a quick look at our team.

kendall Kendall
since Nov. 1999

pongram Pongram
since Nov. 1999

sanom Sanom
since Nov. 1999

pongsak Pongsak
since Jan. 2000

usanee Usanee
since Feb. 2000

paveena Paveena
since Apr. 2000

oamjai Oamjai
since Apr. 2000

anupap Anupap
since Sep. 2001

denai Denai
since Dec. 2003

lek Lek
since May 2004

abel Abel
since Aug. 2004

nium Nium
since Jun. 2006

sasa Sasa
since May 2007

kevin Kevin
since Aug. 2007

chien Chien
since Sep. 2009

peter Peter
since Sep. 2009

nathee Nathee
since Feb. 2012

anna Anna
since May 2012

since Jun. 2013

since Apr. 2015

since Feb. 2016