We are visual story tellers, based in Chiang Mai, producing professional video and photography. You have a story to share with the world. We are passionate about making your vision shine. 

Every organization needs to communicate their passion to donors and customers who support them, and professionally produced video and photography is an essential medium to display your heart and purpose most effectively. Acts Multimedia is a Chiang Mai based video production company that provides this service.

Whether your audiences are corporate business leaders, churches, or simple villagers, we help you get your message across with impact. High quality video and photography communicates loud and clear. As you tell your story with creativity and flare, your audience will be riveted with the passion and clarity of your message.

Acts Multimedia is a small production company with a flexible outlook to providing documentary style multimedia. Using modern equipment, we are able to quickly and effectively provide professional high-definition video and photography to suit your needs.

So what’s your big idea? What’s the driving force behind your passion and story? Tell us your vision, and we’ll work with you to ensure your satisfaction in how the details are communicated.

You have the story, and we are passionate about making it shine.


We have some great testimonies on the video above – here’s one more recent from Lucy McCray at International Justice Mission.

“Acts Multimedia is extremely personable and professional. Working with them was easy as they helped make suggestions but also listened to our needs! They were flexible and adaptive and worked very well with our national teams and clients. This video will help us in many ways, it helps explain the very complex casework of citizenship rights abuse to supporters and constituents in other countries. We will also use it to show visitors, and when we conduct community events, to explain about IJM’s work. We are very grateful to have worked with Acts Multimedia and think that this video will be a great benefit to our office in Chiang Mai!”

And another from Don Williams of the Free Methodist World Missions:

“If you are looking for quality work, done at an affordable price, and working with a wonderful “to work with” videographer who helps you make a big impact on others through video, then you will want to check out Acts Multimedia’s work.  We wrote the scripts and their artistic abilities brought the messages to life. Over and over again, as we shared the eight three minutes videos in churches, in various meetings, on YouTube and Vimeo—numerous comments were made about the quality of our videos. Acts Multimedia’s videography work enhanced and beautifully illustrated our stories. If any of the above resonates with you then we would encourage you to consider hiring Acts Multimedia.  They are easy to work with, dependable, completing projects on time, have great ideas and is passionate about helping to make a captivating and compelling product that results in donors and partners better understanding the work and ministries you are involved with in Asia, at least that has been our experience over the years having worked with them on multiple projects.”

Video Services

Acts Multimedia video production provides full plan shoot / edit / publishing services to help tell the story of you and your organization even better. 

Communicating to your audience with a video can be accomplished easily on many platforms, from Youtube to Vimeo, and an array of other free websites. With the flexibility of video sharing on your smart phone, tablet, laptop, DVD or Blu-ray, our passion is to help make it easier for you to get your message to a larger audience.

  • Fulfilling Hopes and Dreams | Karen hill tribe children are given the opportunity to live in safe hostels as they attend school and college.
  • True Vine Farms | We produced this video for a new company that grows and distributes organic produce in Chiang Mai.
  • A video produced for International Justice Mission about how they assist ethnic minority people apply for Thai citizenship.
  • Discipleship Training Through The Arts. Mike Phillips has lived and worked among the people of Northern Thailand for nearly 3 decades. In this video he talks about combining his passion for the arts and his faith.
  • Lahu Hostel | One of a series of short videos produced for a couple involved in ministry in Thailand.
  • Sweet Society Apparel | The story of a young woman starting a social enterprise business the help victims of human trafficking.


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