10,000 Anti-Trafficking Keychains From Zoe International

Imagine a 16 year old Thai girl selling her body on the streets of Los Angeles. Ponder the thoughts and emotions swirling around in her head and heart. Consider how she feels about her boyfriend pimping her out, about the men swirling around her life.

He loves me.He takes care of me.
Someday we’re gonna get married.
We just need to get some money first.
He needs me to do some things I’d rather not do.
But it’s just for a little while… so we can be together.

“There are an estimated 21 million slaves in the world right now,” says Zoe International. “Of those trafficked across international borders, it is believed that half are under the age of 18 years old.”

Zoe International fights against child trafficking by fully engaging in the following three components:

10,000 copies of 10 different keychain designs were printed at ActsCo Printing on 350 gsm, C2S, 4/4 color. These are the stories we love to be a part of, the tales of life transformation that our customers, clients and friends are engaging in. We are so thrilled to provide the high quality printing that they need to impact this generation in need.

The Thai girl is sitting on a sidewalk in Los Angeles. A swarm of emotions course through her heart:

He says no one will ever love me now because of the things I’ve done.

But then a voice echoes in the ear of this shattered girl. It is the voice of Zoe. Could it even be the voice of God?

You are special and valuable. People are ready to help you 24 hours a day.

But Zoe International does not only work among young women trafficked across international borders. They demonstrate the love of God through multi-faceted ministries like:

  • Leadership Ministry
  • Prayer Ministry
  • Evangelism Ministry
  • Discipleship Ministry
  • Secular Ministry
  • Missions Ministry

The lives of many young girls are being saved at Zoe International, and ActsCo Printing is ready to serve you and your organization’s vision as well. Contact us today and tell us about the products you need to print to build your tribe of donors and advocates and create high impact.

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