A Fresh Account Of Killer Christian Tales In Superhero-esque Style, Printing 60k Thai Copies

The Story Of Jesus Christ.

It might sound like a generic title. You may think, “Oh, I’ve heard that story before… like a million times.” 

*eyes roll*

But we assure you, this is not just another story.

With dramatic artwork and colorful detail by Sergio Cariello, The Story of Jesus, an excerpt from The Action Bible, is a fresh biblical account of killer Christian tales in superhero-esque style.

ActsCo Printing was thrilled to be a part of the initial printing of 10,000 copies of The Story Of Jesus Christ in the Mon language.

And the action continues…

ActsCo Printing is now gearing up to print 60,000 copies of The Story Of Jesus Christ in the Thai language. The designs have already been submitted, and the Thai text translated.

Here’s the thing about why this pamphlet is so powerful: apart from the incredible comic books style art and narration, there are literally millions of Thai people who have yet to understand the message of the gospel. They don’t think, “Oh, I’ve heard that story before.” They don’t roll their eyes. They have literally never had the privilege of hearing the story of Jesus Christ.

That’s why we are so pumped to print 60,000 copies of this cool comic book story. Compassion International will be distributing them all over Thailand, getting them into the hands of communities and individuals throughout the country.

Meanwhile, back at ActsCo Printing…

Black and white or full color, print on demand or offset printing, 60 copies or 60,000 copies—we do it all here at ActsCo Printing.

So get in touch with us today and tell us how we can help you display your amazing product for your customers and audience.






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