A tragic car accident, a son in a coma and a message from god [book]

A tragic car accident. A son who fell into a coma. A supernatural experience of heaven. A message from God: “Jesus is alive!”

Retah McPherson recounts this incredible story in her book, A Message From God. Her book has already been translated into multiple languages, and now it is here in Thai.

ActsCo Printing just completed the printing of 500 copies of this 175 page soft cover book.

The story is compelling. The truth shed from each page is enlightening. The reality is that Jesus is alive and that God has a message for each of us.

We are thrilled to be part of the retelling of this story in Thai, praying that it would invoke a passion for Jesus among those who read this epic story.

Check out Retah McPherson’s website for more compelling stories.

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