ActsCo Printing Newsletter October 2013

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Sawadee Khap, our local Thai greeting to you.

Yes! It’s that time of year again, to be thinking about NEXT YEAR!

We sure do hope you had a great September, things checked off your “to do” list (“honey do” list for you married folks), friendships renewed, cobwebs cleaned out and now speedily heading towards 2014!

You may have notice our slogan “Design. Print. Change Your World” by now. Call us a unique printing company if you will, as it IS our purpose here to bring positive change to each person’s world through our high quality printed products. Whether to inform, to bring a smile, to educate or to broaden one’s perspective, the printed page continues to inspire, challenge, grow and bring hope even in our highly digital world.

I want to encourage you to ready our newsletter all the way through as we feel you will find some nugget that will brighten your day.


Kendall, your friendly Chiang Mai printer

Print Your 2014 Calendar

Calendars printed at ActsCo Printing have always been a winner for quite a number of our customers, as they rely on “in sight, in mind” for their non-profit, humanitarian organizations and businesses. When you tailor-make your calendar representing what you do, your clientele will be reminded daily when they check to see what day it is.

Tailor-made calendars take on many forms, pending the main purpose you have in mind. Desk top calendars are easily accessible in any work or home environment, and can be moved around at will. Less costly are the standard wall-hanging calendars that provide National Geographic style pictures, pulling the viewer into what you do.

Prices start as low as 32 Baht each. Get a quote today for your 2014 calendar and connect people to your passion for 365 more days!

Free 2014 Daily Planner

Each year we are very thankful for each customer that prints with us, and friends that have helped us in one of our many projects we’re involved with. Our way to say “THANK YOU” is through our beautiful full color 2014 Daily Planner printed specifically to help you organize your daily lives for the upcoming year. Featuring the Joy To The World Foundation, based here in Thailand, we trust this planner will also bring YOU joy through its monthly quotes and the organized life you’ll have. Click here to request your FREE planner.

*Available while stocks last.
*Available for free for Thailand addresses only.
*People living outside Thailand may obtain the planner simply by paying for shipping costs.

A Better Quote Than You’ve Received

So you need your product printed, and you’ve been looking around at options. Have you received a quote from another company that you feel is pretty good, but would still like to find the best deal? Allow us the opportunity to give you a better quote than you have received from another printing company! We will do our very best to save you money while producing the high quality print product that you deserve. Contact us today and tell us what you need printed.

Print With Us

If you’re living in Southeast Asia (or in other foreign countries) and looking for a print company that can communicate with you easily, looking for cutting edge design ideas, want top quality printing for a good price or traveling to Thailand for a conference of some kind and need personalized products, give us a chance to serve you with a smile. Click here to get a quote.

Our Featured Print Project

Solitaire Jewellers found us through an internet search from Australia. The product descriptions were given, a quote was sent to the customer, and all changes to details were all communicated through email, with samplings of the final product shipped by FedEx and the bulk shipped by boat. We were pleased to print their beautiful “For People In Love” package. See our Featured Print Project here.

We’re Printing 180,000 Tickets For The Abundant Life Festival With Franklin Graham 

For the first time in history, the Abundant Life Festival with Franklin Graham is coming to Chiang Mai on November 22-24, 2013! Want to help us get 180,000 Thai people to attend? It’ll only take $4,500 to print the tickets. It only costs 2.5 cents to print each ticket, so we decided to start a crowd funder so that you can help impact lives in Southeast Asia with us. Check out our blog and see how you can get involved!

Just For Fun

We like to keep it light and bring a little wit into your life today. Here’s a few freebies for your viewing pleasure!


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