A 27-year-old Norwegian has built three village-based children’s homes on the Thai-Burmese border for war orphans and victims of neglect and abuse

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Here’s the riveting story of one of the orphans now living at The Blessed Homes:

Thar Oo, 15, a Karen ethnic, was one of the first children taken in by Ole-Jørgen and local church members even before the children’s home at Mae Oo Ho was built. Like other children in the village, Thar Oo goes to local Thai school. At Grade 6, he speaks Thai, Karen, Burmese fluently and is now dabbling in English, which will prepare him for future either in Burma, if and when peace is fully restored in his home country, or the option of being integrated into the Thai society.

“My mother killed herself, drinking herbicide after my father ignored her pleading not to fight the Burmese army. Then he got killed in fighting. Then my two sisters and I were taken care of by the local pastor and his wife before Ole took us in to Mae Oo Ho,” Thar Oo said.

After spending several months living under the care of Ole-Jørgen and local church members, Thar Oo, then 8 years old, and a few other children moved into Mae Oo Ho children’s home after Ole-Jørgen secured the seed fund from a generous American couple.

“We are so grateful. Without Ole and Mae Oo Ho children’s home, my sisters and I wouldn’t know what to do, who to turn to for help. We would not have the opportunity to go to school or to think about our future,” said Thar Oo, saying he wants to continue his education in Thai school and come back to help other disadvantaged young Karen children to have a head start in their lives.

Starting an orphanage is not something that most people would think of when they are in their early twenties.

“I’m aware that many people would find what I do a little bit strange,” said Ole-Jørgen, a committed Christian.

The orphanages were shaped by his Christian belief. “When you see something wrong in this world, like children suffering or mistreated. It’s not because they have done something wrong. What it means is the world we live in is broken,” Ole-Jørgen said.

“That gives me the responsibility to do what I can to make it right. I don’t do this because I need to be better but because of the love God has for the children.”

“My core belief says every child is unique and every child has a purpose and that they are loved.”

See Ole-Jørgen Speaking at TEDx here:

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