Blessing Our Community: Chiang Mai Immigration Office

Here at ActsCo Printing, we enjoy serving quality organizations and individuals around the world, while operating out of Chiang Mai, Thailand.

For a decade and a half, we have been printing literally millions of high quality products, and find that Chiang Mai as an Asian epicenter is the perfect location for us to be based out of.

We realize that as a guest in this nation, we could not stay here and succeed in business without the help of the local Thailand immigration office. We have been incredibly honored to receive the welcome that they have provided through visas, business permits, and all the other requirements for overseas expat businesses.

For 14 years, the Chiang Mai immigration has been so cordial with us, allowing us to feel like we’re right at home in Thailand.

That’s why we are honored to bless them with occasional FREE print jobs!

At ActsCo Printing, it is our desire to give back to the community, so we regularly select different organizations and departments to bless with free printing.

“We feel very strongly about giving back to the community,” says Kendall Cobb, managing director at ActsCo Printing. “It’s a good thing to bless those who are in your regularly rub shoulders with.”

We recently printed the guidelines and training manual for new officers moving into positions in the Chiang Mai immigration office. God knows, they have to put up with all kinds of personalities coming through their doors every day! So we thought it would be a wonderful gesture to bless this government entity, letting them know that we so appreciate their hard work, service and dedication to us and to the Chiang Mai community.

Next time you’re at the Chiang Mai immigration office, why not let them know how much you appreciate staying in Thailand!

We have also provided the Chiang Mai immigration office with brochures for foreign residents and visitors, as well as hundreds of business cards. If you’ve been to the immigration office in Chiang Mai recently, chances are you have picked up one of brochures printed by ActsCo Printing.

So tell us, how can we serve you? What print job do you need to get out there to the world? We’re excited to promote you and your organization through high quality printing and design!






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