Grace International School Has A Cool New Brochure. What About You?

We’re always amazed at how avant garde Grace International School is!

Based in Chiang Mai, Thailand, the school student body is made up of youth from all over the world.

Their recent brochure gives some general info about the school, selected student breakdown by country, and what recent graduates have gone on to do with their lives.

It’s a pretty cool way of telling the story of greater impact beyond simply school curriculum. The whole point of their education is to help create world shapers and future leaders.

We think they’re doing a pretty good job of that!

We want to encourage you to consider what kind of brochure you want to create as well. Get your thoughts down on paper, start thinking of some designs. Then contact us and let’s get started printing!

We look forward to seeing how you too are impacting the future leaders of the world!


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