Journey From The East, Book: What If One Of The Wise Men Knew Kung Fu?

Get ready for a kung fu Christmas!

Yes, you just read that right! ActsCo Printing just helped author Michael Bayliss print his epic “silk, swords and sandals” action adventure, Journey From The East. Paperbacks and Ebooks are now available online here.

Journey From The East“The Royal Astronomer is missing from the Chinese court. Bing, the warrior farmer, is called to help. From the Eastern edge of the Kingdom he finds himself on an adventure, following a star, fighting for his life and seeking a powerful King.”

We assure you, this witty read is assured to enhance your Christmas experience!

“You want the truth about why I wrote Journey From The East?” Michael Bayliss asks. “We know little about the wise men who came to give gifts to Jesus, and what if—just what if—they knew Kung Fu? That would be cool!”

Ok, the story may not be 100% historically accurate. Bayliss’ response: “Pffft!” The point is this is a really fun read!

“I thought, hey, the Silk Road was connecting China and Rome at the time Jesus was born, the Chinese had the best recordings of the stars and celestial phenomena, there was trade between China and Rome, and kung fu is cool. So I need to write a kung fu Christmas story. And I did.”

ActsCo Printing just completed the printing of 2,000 initial paperback copies of Journey From The East. We are excited about this cool project because it reflects our personality as well: witty, whimsical and creative.

So now, we want to help you print your recent book. Contact us today and get a quote. You have a story to tell. We are passionate about making it shine.

Michael Bayliss is an English teacher and author. He grew up in Sydney, Australia but loves to live and travel in Asia with his family. He also loves helping people self publish their books.

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