New Brochure Inspires Missionary Men In Chiang Mai To Fulfill Their God-given Purpose

Men living in Chiang Mai, Thailand: here’s an upcoming event you don’t want to miss!

It’s the Chiang Mai Men’s retreat on January 9-11, 2015 at the Botanic Resort.

Check out this awesome promo video:

Talk about topics that every man on the mission field deals with! Here’s a couple one-liners from the front of the brochure that ActsCo Printing just printed:

  • Feeling underpowered for all the roles you juggle?
  • Few real friends you can relate to?
  • Little time for anything but work and the logistics of life?

The Chiang Mai Men’s retreat will be addressing these topics, as well as inspiring you to fulfill your God-given purpose within your sphere of influence on the mission field. Here’s the online application form. Find out more about this event on the Chiang Mai Men Facebook page.

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Here’s a rhetorical question for you:

“Is just surviving the current onslaught what Jesus has in mind? Or can we thrive in the midst of the storm?”

We believe in this men’s gathering, and so we were happy to print the Chiang Mai Men’s retreat brochure for them.

From our Chiang Mai, Thailand print shop, we print high quality products like this for individuals and organizations all over the world.

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