Out Of The Agape Wok Cook Book

Have you ever wanted to learn to cook Thai? A little spicy glass noodles or pork in red curry paste?

Not only can you learn to create delectable Thai dishes with Agape Home’s new cook book, but you can find out what the at risk children and babies living with HIV/AIDS are eating at the amazing orphanage!

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It’s heartwarming isn’t it? To be able to share the same meal that Thai children and orphans are experiencing day in and day out.

Mae Lamduan has been cooking daily in the Agape kitchen for 120 adults and children. This incredible little cook book, with glimpses of her culinary secrets, will inspire you and cause your heart to beat a little louder for children who are struggling with a life long disease.

We were happy to print 200 copies of the Agape Home cook book. Now we’re gearing up to print for you!

Do you have a project that serves people? Do you have a plan that will inspire communities? Come print with us today, and let’s help share your passion together!





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