Powerful Stories Of Partner Ministries Inspire Us To Serve You

Partners Relief & Development just never stops!

Their Autumn 2016 brochure issue highlights some of the amazing things they are doing to help people in Asia. In The New Myanmar, they talk about

  • 2,000 mile bike rides through agrarian landscapes
  • Recent governmental shifts in the country
  • How you can celebrate your birthday and bless disadvantaged children
  • The hundreds of thousands of displaced peoples that they are targeting


We’re so proud of them. That’s one of the reasons we are so thrilled to partner with this incredible organization, providing for their high quality print materials.

We want their story to be told. We want to help articulate their passion to bring hope and love to a nation in need. We want to change the world with them.

And somehow, as we read of the unique encounters they experience, we think of you as well. We consider the impact you and your organization are making upon the world. And we want to join hands in your endeavor too!

Contact us today so we can begin printing your story, your newsletter, your book, or whatever other ideas you having brimming in your brain! We are here to serve you in your passion to create transformation for good in the world.








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