Print Your 2014 Calendar Now!

Yes! It’s that time of year again, to be thinking about NEXT YEAR!

Calendars printed at ActsCo Printing have always been a winner for quite a number of our customers, as they rely on “in sight, in mind” for their non-profit, humanitarian organizations and businesses. When you tailor-make your calendar representing what you do, your clientele will be reminded daily when they check to see what day it is.

Check out samples of calendars we’ve printed in the past.

_2LJ9137Tailor-made calendars take on many forms, pending the main purpose you have in mind. Desk top calendars are easily accessible in any work or home environment, and can be moved around at will.

Less costly are the standard wall-hanging calendars that provide National Geographic style pictures, pulling the viewer into what you do.

Prices start as low as 32 Baht each. Get a quote today for your 2014 calendar and connect people to your passion for 365 more days!


Wall Calendars

28 pages (24 pages inside, 4 pages cover)
Print 4/4 colors
120 gram inside
210 C2S
UV coating
Staple binding and hole punch

Cost for A4 size

  • 100 copies = 210 Baht each
  • 500 copies = 99 Baht each
  • 1000 copies = 53 Baht each

Cost for A5 size

  • 100 copies = 115 Baht each
  • 500 copies = 57 Baht each
  • 1000 copies = 32 Baht each


Desktop Calendars

A5 desktop
28 pages
260 gram C2S
4/4 colors

  • 1000 copies = 59 Baht each


We look forward to helping you create the perfect calendar for you and your organization. We hope to hear from you soon!


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