Stories Of Resilience / Portraits Of Resilience Reverse Book

High art. Gorgeous photography. Creative writing. Stories of life transformation.

Yes, at ActsCo Printing, we are passionate about all of these things!

That’s why it was a joy to print 100 copies of Stories Of Resilience / Portraits Of Resilience, Partners Relief and Development‘s reversing book by Stu Corlett and Rob Harley. It’s a full color, 150 page, gloss laminate masterpiece, and we are proud to have had a part of proving this quality product for an organization we love!

Stories Of Resilience / Portraits Of Resilience is a unique way of displaying what Partners is so passionate about: telling stories of the communities impacted by war in Myanmar/Burma that they work with.

And now, back to you.

You have a story to tell. You are passionate. You want to tell the world about something you believe in.

Don’t you think it’s time you found the help you need in a quality print shop like ActsCo Printing?

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