Video And Print Products For Organic, Poison-Free Food At True Vine Farms

Communities don’t change for the better overnight, nor by default. Someone needs to rise to the occasion. Someone must be willing to put in the long, hard hours to create positive change.

Sean Abbott at True Vine Farms is doing just that. It excites us when we see someone passionate about empowering communities. We say to ourselves, “We want to be a part of that!”

We were honored to design a new logo, create a promotional video, print 3,000 flyers and 1,000 labels for True Vine Farms, a family-run organic farm in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

True Vine Farms website

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True Vine Farms is working in conjunction with other local farms to form a cooperative that shares common principles and values. They believe in organic and natural farming for the collective health of the communities they serve.

Check out the video that ActsCo Multimedia created here:

“When we choose organic, we are choosing poison-free food,” Abbott says. “We want to get our product out to more people, making organic the conventional choice, and not the exception.”

But the impact of True Vine Farms goes far beyond providing organic food for it’s customers. “We are confident to keep going in the direction we have chosen because we see the long term benefits for the hill tribe farming communities in Thailand.”

Want low priced organic fruits and vegetables delivered to your door in Chiang Mai? Contact True Vine Farms today!

Thank you True Vine Farms for creating positive change in Thailand! We are thrilled be partner with you.

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