We’re Here To Help Create Memories And Capture Your Vivid Moments [Grace International School Yearbook]

Grace International School here in Chiang Mai, Thailand never ceases to amaze with their incredible yearbook design and articulate stories.

The young people attending this quality international school are becoming the future leaders of this generation. That’s why we’re proud to present the 2016 Grace International School Yearbook.

Check out the beautiful print job. See the vivid color. Flip through the gorgeous designs. We printed 270 of these beautiful yearbooks for GIS.

But it’s not just a print job. It’s a memory captured in time.







That’s what we’re passionate. Savoring the moments in your life, business and ministry with you. We love to serve you by helping tell your story through high quality printing.

So make sure you come over to the ActsCo Printing office. Let’s get started on your print product today!


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