We’re printing water bottles and stickers for the 2017 Run For Relief

“For a million villagers in Burma, running is not a choice.”

That’s the tagline for the Run For Relief events. It’s a Powerful statement and a worthy cause that we at ActsCo Printing and ActsCo BookHouse wholeheartedly support.

In fact, we’re printing hundreds of water bottles and stickers for the 2017 event.


Run For Relief is happening this Saturday, March 11, 2017, at 7:AM at Huay Tung Tao Lake in Chiang Mai, Thailand!

This event is by Thai Christian Foundation and Christians Concerned for Burma, in partnership with Free Burma Rangers. 

We encourage you to attend, run, watch, participate in some way. Here’s why:

For over 40 years, Burma’s ethnic people have been oppressed by the Burma military junta. Rape, murder, destruction of food resources and villages, forced labor, child soldiery and torture are some of the crimes regularly committed by the junta.

Run for Relief is an opportunity for you to assist Burma’s ethnic citizens. Already, thousands of people across four continents have ran, walked, rode or wheeled to help people hiding right now in Burma’s jungles.

When you participate or support a Run for Relief event, you help buy food, medicine, and survival supplies for Burma’s ethnic people in hiding. You also support the ethnic relief teams who help the displaced people on the run in Burma’s jungles.


For more information on Run For Relief, visit their website or Facebook Page.


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