We’ve Printed Millions Of Pieces Of Christian Literature, And Here’s Why

You’ve heard the stories of Chinese Christians under persecution, tearing pages out of a Bible, memorizing the scriptures, and passing them on from house to house. Stories like that display a deep love for God’s word, and the scarcity of the written Christian witness.

Times may have changed in China, but you would be amazed to find how many ethnic tribes around the world still do not have the written word of God in their native language.

ActsCo Printing is passionate about helping Christian organizations and ministries bring the written word of God to every people group.

That’s the driving force behind our mission statement: Design. Print. Change your world. We are involved in the printing and distribution of Bibles, Christian literature, teaching materials, tracts and Christian books in multiple languages of ethnolinguistic tribes throughout the world.

It is our passion to serve Christian organizations and ministries who are bringing the gospel to places where need for Christian literature is greatest.

Here’s a few testimonies of how the Bible and other Christian literature has been used to transform cultures and individuals.

Within Reach Global:

Brother Li is one of our most uneducated co-workers, graduating from the second grade. Growing up, Brother Li was despised by his neighbors when his mother and father left him to fend for himself. He turned to alcohol and fighting, and was always in trouble.

He did not have the opportunity to go to school, and when we met him on the China/Vietnam border, he could neither read nor write. But Brother Li showed a remarkable passion for learning about God’s word, and we knew we had to do something about it. After leading him to the Lord, we sent him to an underground Bible school for one year. We also provided literacy training for him, using the word of God and a Christian curriculum called School of Workers.

Today, Brother Li is a pastor and missionary to the Yao, his own unreached people group. He is also traveling from China across the border to Vietnam, reaching ethnic tribes who have yet to hear of Jesus. The power of the written word cannot be overstated. God is using Brother Li to bring salvation to the hardest to reach areas of Southeast Asia because of the impact that God’s word has had on his life.

Wycliffe Bible Translators:

The Bible can meet the spiritual needs of every man, woman and child on earth. But they need to read it in the language they understand best. Over 3,000 people groups, more than 380 million people, still don’t have the Bible translated into their language.

“Isn’t there someone who can learn my language and give us the message in words we can understand easily?” pleaded a Caquinte Campa woman in Peru after hearing the Bible read in another translation. We believe in the power of God’s written word in action because we have seen the impact it has made on those who read and understand God’s word after reading it in their mother tongue for the very first time. 

Christian Aid:

Papua New Guinea is one of the most ethnically and linguistically complex places on earth. This South Pacific island nation is inhabited by about 1,000 people groups who speak more than 800 languages. Since 1977, the PNG Bible Translation Association has helped translate the Scriptures into some of these native tongues. Even through the concerted efforts of several translating organizations, in 2010 only about 210 languages had a New Testament, and only a dozen or so had a complete Bible. Christian Aid assists indigenous BTA workers who are bringing the Word of God to their people through numerous language and literacy training projects.

ActsCo printing is a Business As Mission company, printing nearly any kind of products that you can dream up. But the basis of our passion continues to be serving the Christian community as they seek to reach the world for Jesus Christ.


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