200 Powerful Copies of 180º to Freedom, Book by Renay West

Here’s one of the reasons why we love what we do at ActsCo Printing: we are always hanging out with the most interesting people!

The stories that we help tell are truly inspiring. Printing for people whose wide array of skills and passions are being utilized to help people is exciting to us.

That’s why when we printed 200 copies of 180º to Freedom, a book by Renay West, we again sat back and thanked God for putting us in this position to help you—alongside Renay—tell your stories better.

Renay speaks both Thai and Spanish, having graduated from linguistic institutes in Bangkok, Thailand, and Costa Rica, Central America.

She worked for several years in major-market Christian radio as an air personality. She last worked as Assistant Promotions/Public Relations Director and on-air personality at Houston’s KSBJ Radio.

From 1997 – 2005, she served as Area Media Ministries Director for Peninsular Asia (Thailand, Cambodia, and Myanmar) as well as compassion ministries coordinator.

In 2006, Renay made the move to Argentina where she founded Aguas de Sanidad (Healing Waters) ministry in early 2007. Aguas de Sanidad ministry not only functions as a freedom and healing conference ministry, but also works alongside other social foundations whose focus is Family Violence, Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation.

You can buy 180º to Freedom by Renay West on Amazon here.

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So here’s our question: How can we serve you?

Your story is uniquely inspiring. Let’s tell the world what you’re doing to create positive change. We are here to help through high quality printing and multimedia.

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