Our brand spankin’ new CTP machine arrived today!

Are you a dreamer? An artist? A thinker? A worldchanger?

Then this post is for you!

Do you have a book inside you, bubbling to the surface and you’ve just got to print and share it with the world? Do you run a ministry that is impacting lives for eternity? Are you a businessman/woman who is passionate about creating positive change in the world? Are you living in Thailand (or outside Thailand), scoping out potential partners who can help your business/ministry/calling thrive instead of just survive?

This is definitely something you need to know!

This morning our brand spankin’ new CTP machine arrived at ActsCo Printing. The Computer to Plate machine allows us to do all our plate printing for long-run print jobs. In the past we had to outsource this, but this machine relieves that hiccup and allows us to get your final print product expedited out with higher quality.


In short: we’re gearing up to go deeper, faster, farther and serve your business/ministry/calling more at warp speed!

So again we invite you get in contact with ActsCo Printing and get started printing your dream!

We look forward to conversing with you!








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